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Meet the QueenEdith

Hello.  My name is Edith Malek and I want to welcome you to ClematisQueen.com.  I hope you enjoy your visit.  As you may or may not know, I was the founder and president of The American Clematis Society where I became known to many of my followers (a.k.a. loyal subjects) as the "Clematis Queen".  I have created this website as a way to personally share with its visitors some of what I have learned about growing clematis over the years whether you are a first-time gardener or a seasoned pro.

It is my goal to make this website informative as well an entertaining.  My philosophy, just as it was when I was running the American Clematis Society, is that gardening should be fun and growing clematis should add to the enjoyment.  That is why I often employ a sense of humor in my writing style because gardening is not a chore for me but a passion.  So, saying that I really love clematis would be an understatement because they are one of the things in gardening that I am most passionate about.

This website will not only be about growing clematis, but other interests I have.  The common thread of those interests though will be clematis or gardening related.  So, please travel the site and hopefully what you discover will inspire, encourage and excite you to join me on my ongoing odyssey with my favorite genus and if you do, I will have reached my goal and you will be “Clematized!

Clematis forever,


More About Edith

Edith was the founder and president of the first Clematis society in the United States, the American Clematis Society (originally known as the Southern California Clematis Society).  She formed it in 1996 starting with only 9 members until it was disbanded in 2011 after a successful 15 and half year run.  Over that period of time, more than 1450 people can lay claim to being a member of the society, including several international members.

She is actively involved in promoting clematis and is a lively lecturer at gardening clubs and garden centers, having taught classes in California at Cal State Northridge, Descanso Gardens in La Cañada, The Arboretum of Los Angeles and conducting several seminars at the South Coast Plaza Annual Spring Garden Show in Costa Mesa and the San Francisco Garden Show.  Edith has traveled out of state, speaking to the Horticultural Society of New York as well as garden clubs in Connecticut and Iowa. 

Edith has written two books for American gardeners about clematis, The American Clematis Society’s Guide to Growing Clematis in the United States and her latest, Simply Clematis: Clematis Made Simple.  She has been featured in Sunset Magazine, Fine Gardening, Garden Design, American Gardener and the Los Angeles Times. Her expertise helped to provide the zoning for the clematis section of the Eighth Edition of the Sunset Western Garden Book and the 2004 Revised Edition of the American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants.