Happy Mummy's Day

Iris 'Red Masterpiece'

I hope all the Mothers out there are having a very special day.  It is a rewarding day for me because I am blessed to have two wonderful children that love me.  Alas, my dear sweet Mummy passed away four years ago.  One of the things I remember about her is she loved her irises and had always wanted a true red one (her favorite color).  Sadly, I do not believe she ever found one.  So, that year, in memory of my loving Mummy I ordered a “red” iris named ‘Red Masterpiece’!  It turned out to be a pretty velvety wine-crimson iris (albeit not really red as you can see from the picture above).  It was in full bloom today which is Mummy’s Day (my name for my Mother)…how apropos!  She will be in my heart forever!!!

My Mummy and her three children

Above is a picture of my Mummy and her three children (pictured left to right: Lila, me, Don and Mummy).