My Viticella Epiphany

Clematis 'Pagoda'

Like many clematis gardeners the majority of my first encounters with the genus were with those that had great “big” blossoms that belonged in the Patens and Jackmanii Groups.  How could I possibly overlook those enormous-sized flowers?  I may already be preaching to the choir because many of you are equally smitten by these saucer-shaped stunners.  Of course, I did have a couple of viticellas in the beginning, but I clearly didn’t appreciate their virtues. 

So, looking back, if I had the chance to start my clematis odyssey over again I’d seriously load up on clematis in the Viticella Group.  Even though their smaller flowers individually aren’t quite the showstoppers as their siblings with the large blossoms, when you add up all the viticellas collectively you have a display that can easily take your breath away. 

So, why do viticellas rank so high on my list of M.V.C.’s (most valuable clematis).  Well, the answer is I love viticellas because they are such dependable plants with vigorous growth habits making these delightful clematis easy to care for.  Every year I can count on the viticellas in my garden to produce hundreds of blooms which can happen twice and even sometimes three times.

So, if you are not already enjoying the virtues of viticellas I would like to invite you to have your own rewarding epiphany.  With just a little T.L.C. viticellas will reward you with myriads of lovely blooms year after year.  I am confident you too will be amazed by what these diminutive blooms will bring to your garden…which is a lot of joy and happiness!