Perfect Pruners for Clematis Gardeners

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When it comes to pruning clematis most of you probably use regular hand pruners or secateurs.  Well I do too and they are my trusty Felco #6 pruners, but they are not the only tool of choice for my clematis pruning sessions.  I also use a pair of mini-shears from my gardening tool arsenal and their official moniker is the Corona Clipper FS 4350 Thinning Shear. Corona’s official description of them states: “The Corona Clipper mini shear is a small and easy to handle tool for the delicate pruning of flowers and houseplants. It features forged steel alloy blades designed to stay sharp, and its compact design is perfect for smaller hands. Perfectly suitable for right or left-hand use, its narrow re-sharpenable blades work perfectly on delicate plants such as orchids and even bonsai trees. The mini shear carries a limited lifetime warranty”.  

Corona Clipper FS 4350 Thinning Shear

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I am sure some of my readers may be wondering why I use them since clematis are certainly a lot larger than houseplants or bonsai trees.  How could these little 5” mini-shears be useful for pruning clematis?  It’s simple.  When you are out there pruning and have to deal with all those left-over petioles (leaf stems) that have attached themselves to this and that and/or snipping spindly or damaged small stems these shears are priceless!  They allow you to do those types of meticulous manicure work very fast and easily!   So, I prefer to call them the clematis gardener’s “secret pruning weapon”.  If you are like me I know you will wonder how you ever got along without these little cuties before.

Source: Corona Clipper FS 4350 Thinning Shear