Petite-Sized Clematis

 Clematis 'Piilu'

I was recently asked about which shorter-sized (“petite”) clematis would be good for a container that resides on a patio in the summer and a greenhouse in the winter.

How do I classify a clematis as being “petite”?  I consider a clematis to be petite if it reaches a height of less than six feet.  Some of you may be a little dismayed if your clematis fits into this category and think you have been cheated, but personally I’m ecstatic that these diminutive clematis are available because I can grow them alone, in a pot, on a short obelisk, in the front of my garden border or I can pair these little cuties with taller clematis and/or ones that have naked knees such as C. ‘Ville de Lyon’ or C. ‘Perle d’Azur’.

Here are a few suggestions you might want to try out for size (pun unintended):

Clematis 'American Beauty'

C. ‘American Beauty’

C. ‘Andromeda’

C. ‘Ashva’

C. ‘Barbara Dibley’

C. ‘Carnaby’

C. ‘Caroline’

C. ‘Dawn’

C. ‘Miniseelik’

C. ‘Morningstar’

C. ‘Mrs N. Thompson’

C. ‘Piilu’

C. ‘Special Occasion’