Rebiga Wire Update

Rebiga garden tie

I recently heard from a clematis gardener in Montreal, Canada:

Thank you for suggesting these ties. I have always found the other ties very tacky on all/any of my plants. A search for this product on-line was a job and unfortunately unsuccessful at that too. Can you possibly direct me to where I can find them?

As you can see in both of my articles on Attaching Your Clematis in Style and Petioles and Coiling I am a huge fan of “Rebiga”!   So, I hate to think that any of my fellow clematis lovers cannot find this great paper covered wire, so here is a source: Orchard Valley Supply. They offer it in both bundles of 1500 cut ties and a spool of about 1,875 feet.  I really hope that they can help her.  FYI: I love the spool of this stuff because it comes in real handy as I can cut it into various lengths to accommodate my clematis and other plants needs.