Where is the Clematis Queen?

It is because after singing the praises of clematis for over twenty years I have decided to abdicate the throne. It has been a very rewarding experience and I will always look back on my time as being the Clematis Queen very fondly. Even though I am relinquishing my royal duties I will be leaving ClematisQueen.com up and running as I believe it still has a lot of useful information for future and returning visitors interested in one of the most gorgeous flowers in the plant world, i.e. the genus: Clematis.

Some of you may be interested in what I am now going to do with my spare time? Well, several years ago I found that I could create clematis blossoms out of gumpaste. That was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I became so smitten with the sugarcrating medium that I have started a new website; Gumpasting.com. I welcome you to come and see some of my gumpaste clematis and other creations because that way maybe you will realize why I am so enamored with gumpasting. Who knows, you too might decide to share in my new passion! I would like to leave you with my best gardening wishes and, as always, may your clematis grow happy!